Accessories with black and white Accessories with black and white Accessories with black and white Accessories with black and white Accessories with black and whiteAccessories with black and white

My dear ones,
to that styling I chose accessories
also in black and white
but also with bling 🙂

Sequin beret gives a sharp look
and accentuates the color of my hair 😀
Berets are really
nice alternative for caps.
Warm winter berets
and such decorative ones as mine
give us character.
This wonder I have bought
at TUTU Fair in Stary Browar
in Poznań 🙂
It’s LA DAME brand,
created by the designer
Jagoda Kowalewska 🙂

Jagoda’s head covers
are not only beautiful
but also decently and carefully made 🙂
I recommend them 😀

The earrings also add bling 😀
They shine delicately in the sun 🙂
They also make the neck look longer
thanks to their long tassels.
They are like siblings
together with beret 😀
Am I not right? 😀 😉

The sunglasses with white frames and crystals
appeared in my stylings many times.
They suit the outfit perfectly 🙂

NOBO purses
are one of my favorites 🙂
They’re made of ecological leather
or other vegan materials 🙂
To that styling I chose
white one with black logo.
Nice and trendy 😀
White shoes and purses are a real hit now 😀
You can also have an interesting purse
of that brand.
The choice is really huge 🙂
I’m inviting you to the site:

You can buy NOBO purses
with 10% off there 🙂
Just write in the password:
and do the shopping 😀

My choice as for shoes
are cowboy boots 🙂
They’re made of ecological leather.
Comfortable as all my shoes are 🙂
Their pattern attracts attention 🙂
It’s superb 😀
I recommend such shoes to you 🙂
They are like cherry on top 🙂

I will certainly visit
Hotel 500 in Tarnowo Podgórne again 🙂

There the photo session I’m showing
took place 🙂
The staff is very helpful
the food is tasty
and the garden wonderful 🙂
All this makes me want
to come here once again 🙂

Photos made by
Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session
my friend Alla Kubitsa 🙂