Accessories matching black Accessories matching black Accessories matching black

In the rocky and cat-like styling
The accessories perfectly match the black.
They play harmoniously like legato music.
Black and white earrings are made by soutache method
one of my beloved.
Such perfect jewellery was made
by Hania Pawlak 🙂

Please look onto Hania’s Instagram:

or to her Fanpage:

Making such wondeful earrings
is a great passion of Hania 🙂
Od course you will get 10% off
with MODOROTA password 😀
It’s enough to write Hania on Insta or Facebook
giving te password 🙂

You already know pendants
by Agnieszka Frankowska 😀
This is OYCA brand 🙂

Now I also wear one of pendants
from her collection 🙂
Now there’s brass wire ring
instead of leather string.
I would call that pendant a bell 🙂
Because it looks like one 😀
Agnieszka gives you 25% off
with MODOROTA password 😀
Just write it in mail or SMS to Agnieszka 🙂
Phone number 696-023-047
If you appreciate jewellery’s quality
and Polish origin
you must buy a pendant of OYCA brand 🙂
The jewellery of unique style and character.

And what would you say to the bag
with black cats, by Bertoni? 🙂
It’s made of felt, so it’s ecological 🙂
I feel cat-like with it 😀
Everyone can find his or her favorite pattern
on their bags 🙂
I invite you to Bertoni’s site:

When you give MODOROTA password there
you will get 25% off 😀
Youshould and you must buy products
by Polish designers.
If you are a conscious consumer
you will surely do it.

Good quality and great design
are always fashionable 🙂
That’s why you saw more than once
my black motorcycle boots 🙂
I will remind you that they are
vegan shoes by Steady’s brand 🙂
I’m inviting you to the brand’s site:

You can get 5 % off when you buy shoes there.
You just have to send a mail to Mrs Anna Subel,
the brand’s owner, and give MODOROTA password 😀
This is the address:

I’m inviting you to buy the garments of the brands I mentioned 🙂
Dear Ladies,
soon you will be able to show yourself
in your new stylings,
decorated with interesting accessories 🙂
For now, it’s nice to dress yourself in fashionable way
even staying at home 🙂
It gives us power to be active 😀
I’m sure you have enough of it,
dear Ladies 🙂
I believe in your creativity 😀
I’m greeting you with all my heart 🙂
Soon we will come back
to everyday normality 🙂

Photos in Posnania Shopping Mall

made by Piotr Stopyra

Help with session Alla Kubitsa
and Patrycja Nowak 🙂