Accessories in denim climate Accessories in denim climate Accessories in denim climate

Accessories, just as the whole styling
are in denim climate.
Above all, denim purse
made with upcycling method 🙂
You can say that it’s higher level
than eco fashion 🙂
It comes from the collection of
Remade JEANS brand
owned by two talented designers
Monika and Marysia 🙂
These women have an excellent idea
for their brand 🙂
People who know the products
of Marysia and Monika
fell in love with them
at the first sight 😀
I invite you
to Remade JEANS site 🙂

If you write in MODOROTA password
you can get even 15 %off.
I’m inviting 😀

The boots stick out shyly
from beneath the pants 🙂
But thanks to their shine
you can see them easily 🙂
That’s what I mean 😀

The earrings in colors
of silver and gold
are quite long.
But they are also delicate in look 🙂

The hairpin resembles the earrings
in its shape.
Remember, my ladies
to wear hair decorations 🙂
Hairpins make us look younger
just as denim 😀

Don’t be afraid to experiment
with accessories
and have fun 😀
The accessories can give
special character to the styling 🙂
Perception of the outfit
depends on their choice 🙂
I will tell you my dear ones
that sometimes we have so little happiness.
Let the fashion be for us
a moment of joyful play 🙂
Would you join it my dears? 😉
I’m inviting you 😀

The photos were taken in Hotel 500
in Tarnowo Podgórne 🙂

Photos made by Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session
Alla Kubitsa 🙂