My dear ones 🙂
This is a look in which
accessories in colors of fall
played a colorful trio
with a Cotton Club bomber jacket

and the pants from Diana Sencerek 🙂

Fascinator, my weakness
is in shades of green
in contrast to my hair 🙂
Isn’t it a perfect accentuation
of fantasy and femininity? 😀
It came from the gifted
and busy hands of the designer
Ewa Okularczyk 🙂
I’m inviting you to Ewa’s site
and YOKO Design brand 🙂

Ladies, let’s express ourselves with fascinators 😀
I’m doing it for a long time now 🙂

What do you think about round earrings
made of mother-of-pearl
with a widely known logo? 😉
I think they suit the whole styling perfectly 🙂

And the pendant with the same logo
looks like an extension
of decorative bra
which straps are visible
under the jacket 🙂

On a warm fall day
sunglasses protect the eyes
perfectly 🙂
Remember what I always tell you,
glasses must be of very good quality.
It deals with our eyes and our health 🙂
I chose sunglasses with white frame
decorated with crystals 🙂
They resemble jewellery
and at the same time
protect the eyes.
Two in one 😀

Purses are my second weakness
beside fascinators 🙂
I love them 😀
To this outfit I chose a purse
of quilted fabric
in deep green.
It has round straps
that look like blown up.
They are very comfortable to wear 🙂
My dear ones,
if you want a purse
of interesting design
and newest trend,
then I recommend NOBO brand 🙂
The purse I chose comes just from them 🙂
Please, visit the sites:

I think that combat shoes will always be trendy
because they add character to a styling 🙂
That’s why I chose them to that look.
And they are very comfortable 🙂
Comfort is very important criterion for me 🙂
Such type of shoes makes us look younger
dear Ladies 😀
And they suit absolutely every age 🙂

An interesting pavillion
beautiful colors of all types of plants,
all that you will find in
Hotel 500’s garden in Tarnowo Podgórne 🙂

This hotel enraptures me with its beauty 🙂
I hope that when this difficult time
of COVID and its bans is over 🙂
I will come to Hotel 500 🙂
I’m greeting the whole staff of the Hotel 😀
You’re wonderful 🙂

Photos in the garden of Hotel 500
made by Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session
Alla Kubitsa 🙂