Accessories in color of spring Accessories in color of spring Accessories in color of spring

The spring is slowly painting
the world with bright colors 🙂
These colors speak to me 😀
I can also smell the spring in the air 🙂
The accessories in my styling
match the spring range of colors 🙂

The fascinator is made of banana fibers.
100% vegan 😀
A butterfly „sat” on top of it 😉
It gives a spring accent to the fascinator 🙂
In my outfits frequently appear
head decorations
made by designer Ewa Okularczyk,
the owner of YOKO Design 🙂

Ewcia enchants us with her ideas
decorating our heads 😀
Would you agree that fascinator is the essence of femininity? 🙂

Sunglasses are for me
not only eye protection
but also a piece of jewelry 🙂
I always choose such ones 🙂

The earrings are a gift from my husband 🙂 😉
On the mother-of-pearl background
you can see a popular logo 🙂

I must admit that I rarely wear bracelets.
If I choose one, then it must be
individually composed by a designer.
Such ones you can see on my wrist 🙂
They’re made from mint colored beads.

The purse is made of quilted fabric.
It has very comfortable broad handles.
Of course you can see NOBO brand logo on it 🙂
I’m reminding you that at the site

you can buy NOBO purses
with 10% off 🙂
Just write the password:
“modorota2020” 😀
Use also promotions at the site.
You can find interesting discounts there 🙂

My dear ones, these were the last photos
from the beautiful Hotel 500 in Tarnowo Podgórne

I will probably come back to this magic place someday 🙂
I sincerely recommend the hotel to you 🙂
The next session will take place
in another, I think also beautiful scene.
The photos from it
will soon appear in my blog.
I’m greeting you heartily 🙂