Accessories in color of earth Accessories in color of earth Accessories in color of earth Accessories in color of earth Accessories in color of earth

Colors of earth are pure nature of color itself 🙂
This I’m showing you
in accessories to that styling.
Hair band embroidered by hand with beads
is a real masterpiece
among head decorations 🙂
This miracle comes from Ewa Okularczyk
that is YOKO Design brand 🙂

It looks great on my hair 🙂
I recommend Ewa’s fascinators to you 😀

Summer is the season
when we like to drink cold beverages 🙂
That’s why I have
miniature beer bottle and mug in my ears 😉 😀
This great idea and hand crafted jewelry
come from Karolina,
Sweet Muffins brand 🙂
I invite you to the site

You will find a lot of drinkable,
sweet and colorful jewelry 😀
And 10% off with MODOROTA password 😀

The pendant I’m wearing on my neck
has an interesting design 🙂
It’s well known Yin&Yang sign
placed on an orgonite.
Orgonite is negative energy neutralizer.
In the middle of it
you will find natural minerals.
The pendant perfectly fits
the colors of the outfit.
I recommend to you a really magic place,
a bookshop in Poznań,
where you can buy such neutralizers
and many other interesting objects 🙂
You will find there also specialists’ help
of great women who work there 🙂
It’s CUD bookshop in Poznań
at Święty Marcin Street 26.

I’m inviting you to visit it 😀

Velour purse in shades of green
is an interesting vegan accessory 🙂
It is tied with a strap like a sack.
It has two handles, one is ruffled.
I just love No Sugar brand’s purses 😀
I’m inviting you to their site:

I’m sure you will love those purses
just as I do 😀

Light colored sandals finish
my description of accessories 🙂
Please pay attention
to special shape of the heel 🙂
I must add that the shoes
are made of ecological leather
and very comfortable 🙂

I’m curious of your opinions about these accessories 🙂
I would also like to ask you a question:
have you ever heard of or seen orgonites?
I’m waiting for your comments
and I’m greeting you cordially 🙂

Photos made in Museum of Środa Region Koszuty Palace

made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂