Accessories in color nude Accessories in color nude

Flowery fascinator in color nude 🙂

My monochromatic styling
is very energetic. 🙂
Distinctive accessories invigorate it.
Flowery fascinator in color nude
delicately covered with golden dots
is a very interesting decoration. 😀
Its original form intrigues
and makes a vivid accent of the outfit. 😀

The designer who created this spectacular fascinator
is Ewa Okularczyk from YOKO Design 🙂

Of course I invite you to Ewa’s site
to do shopping. 😀
As fashion stylist I encouraged you
many times to wear head decorations.
If you try once, I’m sure you will love
hats, fascinators and many other decorations. 🙂

Energetic accessories in nude styling

Earrings in color of gold
which you already know from my outfits
are very energetic accessories in that styling.
Golden discs decorate the neck and head with their shine. 🙂
The earrings perfectly match
golden chains at the shoes.
Round mirror sunglasses of unique design
make the styling complete. 😀
I encourage you, my dear ones, to get inspired
by my ideas.,
and thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂
I greet you with all my heart! 😀

Photos made by
Matylda Szafrańska 🙂

Session took place
in Jasmine Palace in Batorowo near Poznań 🙂

Help in session Marcin Raczkowski 🙂