Accessories from love to the dress Accessories from love to the dress

From love to the dress by MADAME brand

I chose the accessories that are worth it 🙂
All types of hairpins
not only decorate the hair
but they are still on top 😀
I chose the ones with pearls and crystals.

The earrings continue
the color range of hairpins.
I love this all-seeing eye on them 😀
It’s funny and intriguing.

The sunglasses are
my indispensable gadget.
I wear them almost the whole year long.

Bertoni bags are also
an idispensable element of my stylings 🙂
Plant motif on the bag
reminds me tulips.
Unfortunately, these flowers
bloom in our gardens
only in spring 🙂
I remind you, my dear ones,
that it’s good to go shopping
at the Bertoni’s site

where 25% off is waiting for you
with MODOROTA password 😀
I’m inviting you heartily 🙂

An interesting design of shoes
and comfort
is A Little Glamour brand 🙂

The shoes I’m presenting
are very comfortable.
Their delicacy goes together
with durability 🙂
They’re made of ecological leather, of course.
It’s good to have so well matched
and unique shoes.
At the brand’s site you will get
10% off with MODOROTA password 🙂
Don’t hesitate to use it 😀

My dear ones 🙂
I will tell you
that you will see one more breath of summer
in a styling I will soon show 🙂
Then, the fall comes into my blog 🙂
I’m greeting you cordially
and I invite you to follow my blog 🙂

Photos made by
Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session
my friend Alla Kubitsa 🙂