Accessories for colorful fall
Accessories for colorful fall
Accessories for colorful fall

Dear Ladies 🙂
the dot in the ‘i’ in stylings are accessories.
For that styling I propose sneakers
made of comfortable material.
I’m sure you’ve already seen them
in earlier photos.
The scarf, despite its vivid design
suits other parts of clothing
because of similar colors.
The earrings remind me
miniature green windows for elves 😀
Perhaps most of you, dear ladies
think that it is easier to combine colors than forms of clothes.
I’ve heard such opinions many times.
But in my opinion the color rules 🙂
And suitable accessories of course 😀
And… good taste and individual style.
And what do you think, my dear ones?
What is the most important in a styling for you? 🙂

Photos taken in Sheraton Hotel Poznań
by Joanna Rozmiarek.
Help with session: Alla Kubitsa,
photo editor: Ula  🙂