Accessories born in woman’s soul Accessories born in woman’s soul Accessories born in woman’s soul

On the background of ethnic print of the dress
by MADAME brand

the accessories were born
in my feminine soul 🙂
Which of you is a fan of hats?
I am, of course 😀
I decided to decorate the styling
with an ideal small hat with a narrow brim.
Embroidery on it and its color
make the look more interesting.
The hat was made by
talented designer with extraorinary ideas,
Ewa Okularczyk.
It’s YOKO Design brand of course.

Ewa has inexhaustible stock of ideas 🙂
She creates incredibly original
head decorations.
I invite you to YOKO Design site 😀

Let’s make ourselves original
with unique fascinators of good quality
and other head decorations.
I’m trying to do that 🙂 😉

As for earrings,
my favorite are soutache ones 🙂
Great thanks to the maker
of the ones shown here,
designer Hania Pawlak 🙂
Her gifted hands
manufactured the earrings
that suit the hat 🙂
Their ethnic character
matches the whole styling.
Beautiful, aren’t they? 😀
Go to Hania’s fanpage:

or to her Instagram:

Dear Ladies, thanks to Hania you can also
create your own design of earrings 😀
If you write to Hania
on Instagram or Facebook
giving MODOROTA password
you will get 10% off 😀
Which of you is already looking
into Sutaszowy Zakątek? 🙂
We invite you together with Hania 🙂

An interesting solution
was choosing a purse with ethnic print.
I can feel South Americanineeling in it 😀
Indians dancing around the fire
and that was was born in my soul 🙂
Every one of us
probably chooses accessories
in accordance with our psyche
and what we have in our heads 😉 😀
I frequently choose, as now,
Bertoni brand 🙂

Go shopping at their site 😀
With MODOROTA password
you will get 25% off 😀
Bertoni means also ecology and veganism 🙂
Such are their bags 😀

Comfort above all!
Especially in shoes 🙂
Perhaps you aren’t surprised
that sports shoes
often appear in my outfits.
Here I also chose sneakers 🙂
I always repeat that comfort
is as important as beauty in the styling.
Only then we can feel really good in it 😀
This defines our being 🙂

Holiday is a time when we can
particularly play with fashion.
Especially when you must follow
dress code in your job.
So, let’s go crazy and create our own style 😀
And don’t forget about expressing yourselves in fashion 😉 🙂

Photos in Puszcza Zielonka
made by Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session Alla Kubitsa 🙂