Accessories as an addition to idyll Accessories as an addition to idyll Accessories as an addition to idyll Accessories as an addition to idyll Accessories as an addition to idyllAccessories as an addition to idyll

My dear ones 🙂
I chose accessories which complement
the idyllic character of the dress 🙂
Hats are always trendy
but in this season
we put more attention to them 🙂
In my wardrobe
I found a hat
that I bought a few years ago 😀
Decent hats
can serve us for many years.
And fashion often repeats,
not only cuts but also accessories 🙂
Therefore this hat suits the dress perfectly.
It adds some chic
and mystery to us 🙂
The earrings are made of gold colored metal.
They consist of rings
of various sizes.
You can see them easily
because they’re quite big
and they make the neck look longer
thanks to their longitude.
To my neck I put a delicate golden chain.
It looks like a rosary.
Such a decoration is still fashionable 🙂
The purse was hand made by Ania Przybyła,
the creator of „Dzierganka” brand 😀

Ania makes beautiful colorful purses of yarn
with her own hands 🙂
At her website you can find a great variety of them 🙂
Every woman who wants
to have a unique, unimitable
and beautiful purse
will find there the one
that will suit her image ideally 🙂
You know, my dear ones,
that in my stylings
comfort always plays an important role 🙂
That’s why the shoes have an even,
a few centimeters high sole.
They are made of perfect,
beautifully smelling material
that fits every foot perfectly.
Their another advantage is a hole for toes 🙂
So we can show our perfect pedicure
with colorful nails 🙂
In the summer we can show our accessories better
decorating our stylings 🙂
They are always good addition to our look
and accentuate our outfits 🙂

Photos were taken in Fiedler Museum
by Grzegorz Łabenda.
Help with session:
Magdalena Nowicka 🙂

I fell out with my life
but I found my time
and I began to love the explosion of existing.
What hides
beneath our desires?
Joy or sadness?
I am a traveller of existence.
I feel the taste of color.
My fulfillment is a balance of my soul.
You can see me reflected in a sheet of a dream.
Because I am still in my imbalance.
I am always the same.
It’s me Dorota – Modorota.