Accessories are like dotting the “i”
Accessories are like dotting the “i”
Accessories are like dotting the “i” 

Accessories you choose to a given styling
are making it complete.
They give a taste and character to it.
The street bathrobe is a summer styling
to wear when it’s a plenty of sun outside.
Therefore sunglasses are a must have.
And it isn’t only a decorative prop
but above all a protection for our eyes.
I love mirror glasses.
Their round shape suits the shape of my face.
They reflect the light
making my face brighter.
You can see it in the photos
which were made by a wonderful photographer Jagoda Waśko.
As for earrings,
crystals and sequins in floral shape sparkle in the sun.
Although they are quite big
they’re not heavy
and you can easily wear them
all day long.
For that styling I chose flip flops with fake fur.
Maybe for some of you that choice is too obvious
but I see a little of madness in it
combined with comfort.
The bag, in opposite, is rather small
but quite roomy.
When I’m going for a walk
I hang it across the torso
to have hands free.
Then, you can push a trolley
or take your pet for a walk easily.
Would you choose such a set of accessories too?
Or do you have a different idea for that styling?