Accessories are art and ccharm Accessories are art and ccharm Accessories are art and ccharm Accessories are art and ccharm Accessories are art and ccharm

In accessories to the checked styling
there is art and charm enclosed.
The pieces I chose are just like that.
Soutache earrings are hand made.
Black and white pattern
with beads of the same color
is a tiny masterpiece.
They beautifully match the styling
and they’re clearly visible through my hair.
Such beautiful earrings
are made by Hania Pawlak
whom you already know 🙂

I’m inviting you to her Instagram:

and to her Fanpage:

When you write to Hania on Insta or fb
and give MODOROTA password
you will get 10% off 😀
I’m inviting you to buy this hand made jewellery 🙂

You already know pendants by Agnieszka Frankowska
from OYCA brand 🙂

The character of this pendant
fits the styling perfectly 🙂
Doesn’t it, my dear ones? 😀
You will get 25 % off from Agnieszka 😀
When you send her an email:
or SMS:
and give MODOROTA password.
OYCA jewellery will make you
distinguished from the crowd 😀
I recommend it strongly 🙂

I love head dresses 🙂
Do you?
In this look I chose a baseball cap.
It adds style and nonchalance

Well matched sunglasses
of good quality are very important.
I’m always careful about it.
Mirror glasses of that shape
won my heart 😉
I love them 😀
Do you like them either?

Bags by Bertoni brand
you already know from this blog.
I’m inviting you to their site:

You will find there bags of felt and fabric,
backpacks with various prints.
Colorful and more calm.
And now even intersting face masks 🙂
All products are of moderate price 🙂
And when you give MODOROTA password
you will get 25% off 😀
It’s good to buy a lightweight and sturdy
and intersting bag.

One of my favorite shoes
are vegan combat boots 🙂
Their deep shade match the color of the cap.
To those who know these boots
I must not tell
that they’re very comfortable 🙂

My dear Ladies 🙂
Do you always choose your accessories carefully?
Are they important to you?
I think that we choose accessories
matching not only our outfit
but also our soul and character.
At the end I will tell you
that I will have a photo session in a few days 🙂
Frankly speaking – at last! 😀
My new stylings will soon appear on the blog.
I’m inviting you to follow my entries.
I’m greeting you cordially 😀

Photos in Posnania Shopping Mall

made by Piotr Stopyra

Help with session Alla Kubitsa
and Patrycja Nowak 🙂