Accessories are a mirror of soul too Accessories are a mirror of soul too Accessories are a mirror of soul too Accessories are a mirror of soul too

Accessories are also the mirror of our soul.
The ones that we wear are the reflection
of our emotions and preferences.
I like vivid jewellery very much,
such as that oblong pendant
with open-work pattern,
made of brass.
Would you agree that it looks great
on colorful print of the shirt?
The earrings are made of brass, too.
They have the shape of… purses 😀
That’s the great idea 🙂
This jewellery was made by
very talented designer from Poznań,
Agnieszka Frankowska,
the owner of OYCA brand 🙂

Every pendant has its own unique pattern.
There are no two similar ones.
They have an artistic message 🙂
On OYCA site you can choose the one
that you like the most 🙂
And you will get a present 😀
With the “Modorota”password
you will get 25% off the price 🙂
It’s enough to send an e-mail to Agnieszka
to the address:
and give the password 🙂
Only you will have to pay
by traditional transfer.
Of course you can pay via internet 🙂
If you want to have
unique and original jewellery
OYCA is a perfect choice 🙂
You must have also noticed
the lemon colored bag.
I like it very much
and I’ll tell you in secret
that I borrowed it from my friend Ala 😉
I regret that I haven’t bought it earlier.
Now it’s too late.
I love the shine of rings 🙂
Big number of them doesn’t disturb me 😀
I wear lots of them every day 🙂
Did you see my shoes, dear women?
Its a vegan version of Steady’s boots 🙂
Vegan and also leather boots
you will find on this site:

Mrs Anna Subel is the owner of this brand,
and she also has a present for you,
5% off with the password “Modorota” 😀
It’s enough to send her a mail at:
and give the password 🙂
As you know, I’m a vegan
so I sincerely recommend
vegan versions of shoes to you 🙂
I’m happy to make you a surprise
with those discounts 😀
Use them, my dear ones,
because it’s worthy
because it’s worthy
from Polish designers 🙂
Photo session was made
in wonderful Posnania Shopping Mall

by the photographer
Monika Łuczak 🙂
Help with session
Alla Kubitsa 🙂
Thank you, girls!

I found myself at the top of the wheel
It’s easy to fall from it to a precipise.
It’s enough for it to move
and I will fall.
I cannot stick to the wheel.
Do I exist in space?
Or maybe only on a surface?
And the time?
I feel it pass by.
Only my emotions last in time.
I cannot influence them.
Because I’m passive.
I am the pain of the others.
My impotence lasts in space.
The surface will be left for the end.
Of mine and your way.