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My dear ones 🙂
I chose accessories that fit
the amaranthine styling perfectly 🙂
The fascinator in the shape of black bow
captivated me and it will stay with me forever 😀
I think you may know where I took it from.
Yes, it was made by Ewa Okularczyk
from YOKO design 🙂
Dear Ladies, I recommend the fascinators.
I think that not stilettos
but just them emphasize our femininity 🙂
Do you agree?
I invite you to shop at YOKO design site 🙂

You can also order a personalized fascinator 😀
Ewa, the designer, will make it according to your wish 🙂
Just contact Ewa 🙂

Silver earrings you can see among my colorful hair
have delicate design.
They fit the fascinator and sunglasses perfectly.
They do not interfere each other.
These earring were made by
the artist that you also know,
Mr Michał Misterski
You can buy his jewelry
in the studio in Poznań
at Polna 40.
I invite you also to the artist’s Instagram:

I strongly recommend Mr Michał’s art 🙂
It’s unique jewelry 🙂

A felt bag with floral print
is my beloved Bertoni brand! 🙂
Their bags are lightweigt and sturdy.
Ideal also for vegans 🙂
At Bertoni’s site:

with MODOROTA password
you will get 25% off.
Don’t hesitate to use it! 😀

Stylish means also comfortable.
So I chose comfortable shoes
made of black ecological leather.
I will not lie when I’ll tell you
that it is more durable than ordinary leather.
The shoes are made by Polish brand Steady’s 🙂
They specialize in making very comfortable shoes.
Vegan and made of natural leather.
First of all they make my beloved combat boots 😀
I invite you to the brand’s site:

5% discount is waiting there for you.
Just write the MODOROTA password 😀

I hope that you liked my choice of accessories
to the amaranthine look with a cat 🙂
Follow my blog,
soon you will find new stylings there 🙂
Have a nice time! 😀