A styling mirrors my soul A styling mirrors my soul A styling mirrors my soul A styling mirrors my soul A styling mirrors my soul

Stylings I choosemirror my soul.
My soul is full of
colorful sounds and vibrations 🙂
I always try to show it
in choosing my look.
A colorful checked shirt
illustrates it perfectly 🙂
It’s very comfortable.
You can match it
with many clothes.
I combined it
with black pants
made of ecological leather.
I feel excellent
in this outfit 😀
A merry addition to it
is my colorful hair 😉
I bought the shirt and pants
in the shops
of Posnania Mall
in Poznań 🙂


I love that mall 🙂
I am here very often.
And I can always find
something interesting and fashionable there.
Posnania means not only shops.
There are many restaurants there
and a cinema I visit regularly.
I also go to gym there
for fitness training 🙂
Presented photo session
took place in that mall, too 🙂
Photos were made by
Monika Łuczak 🙂
Help with session
Alla Kubitsa 🙂
Soon I will tell you
about interesting accessories
for that styling
and how to get them.

I feel the beat of my heart.
This is the beat of
arrythmic impotence of events.
You cannot reverse the past.
How much longing remained unused?
Unexplored sense of beauty exists.
It has been upset.
How many years, days and hours
have been lost?
I don’t want to think about the loss.
But before my eyes
there is the beauty of it.
It won’t come back.
Return is impossible.