A skirt and colorful comic strip A skirt and colorful comic strip A skirt and colorful comic strip

Dear Ladies 🙂
I put on a skirt with a print like a colorful comic story 😀
What a load of fun and positive message it has 😀
This skirt has won my heart 🙂
It’s like made especially for me.
When I put it on, my soul smiles instantly 😀
It’s pleated so it lies well on the body.
The length is perfect for ladies of my shape.
Are you ready, Ladies, for a bit of color in your life? 🙂
Remember, please, that color means energy 🙂
It does wonders not only to our outfit
but also to our mood 🙂

Red T-shirt nicely accentuates
the energy of the skirt and the whole look 🙂
Red – fire 😀
The heat that makes us warm.
Can you feel it? 🙂

I put a short black jacket on top.
Made of ecological leather of course.
Black accents appear also in writing on T-shirt
and on the belt.
With this belt I accentuated the waist
and I divided the colors of blouse and skirt.
Such easy tricks can make wonders 😀
Do you also like to play with fashion?
For a few years I’m trying
to familiarize you with colors 🙂
I hope I succeeded at least a bit 🙂
In this not always colorful world
when the mist covers the good from us,
let us be like warmth and glow
that disperse the mist.
I’m sending you a lot of positive energy 🙂
Let the force be with us, women 😀

Photos in Museum of Środa Region Koszuty Palace 🙂

Made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂