A purse and the rest A purse and the rest A purse and the rest

Today I’m writing about a purse and other accessories.
Many women often wonder
how to combine a purse with other accessories in style.
My clients from Poznań
often ask me about
right choice and mixing of accessories.
As individual fashion stylist
I present my ideas of styling here.
I hope that they will inspire you too 🙂
As for the purse I’m showing
I already wanted to sell it.
But now I changed my mind 😀
I noticed that it makes a perfect additive
to the styling I showed you.
I think that it will serve other stylings, too 😀

A few words about a hat

Of course my favorite accessory
is a head cover 😀
All head decorations are compatible with my style 🙂
Beautiful delicate color of the hat
with gold chain
gives character to the outfit 🙂
With this head cover
the styling is definitely complete
and complies with the assumption of the look 🙂

Theme choice of earrings 🙂

The earrings made of multicolored rough tin
are a little harsh but also very decorative 🙂
The petals are fixed to a shining oval.
The theme and color of the earrings
refer to the dress with floral print 🙂

Choose universal and practical shoes 🙂

An important element of the presented styling
are practical and universal shoes
of iconic design 🙂
I’m wearing original Dr Martens boots
for a few years now.
They’re made of ecological leather.
Perhaps you remember them
from my earlier stylings 🙂
They are the proof that good quality pays off 🙂

I invite you, my dear ones
to observe me also on fb and Instagram 😀
I wish you happiness and a lot of warmth in your hearts 🙂
See you again! 😀

Photos made by
Matylda Szafrańska 🙂

Session took place
in Cezar Hotel in Koszuty near Poznań 🙂