A flash on the fur A flash on the fur A flash on the fur A flash on the fur A flash on the fur A flash on the fur A flash on the fur A flash on the fur A flash on the fur

A flash of accessories on the fur
adds some mystery
and emphasizes femininity.
Black band with colorful crystals
and a piece of veil
is contrasting nicely
with the color of my hair 🙂
Such unusual head decorations
are made by designer
Ewa Okularczyk 🙂
She is founder of the brand
YOKO Design


On this site you can find
unique fascinators, hats and bands.
Ewa has got a real talent
and she makes just wonders 🙂
I’m recommending them truly 😀
The earrings are multicolored crystals.
Together with violet fur
they make an interesting combination of textures.
A purse in pearly blue
is a fashion masterpiece.
It’s made of washable paper
by EXACT Studio designers 😀


All fully vegan purses
are worth a medal of course 😀
My hands are decorated with rings
designed by artist jeweller,
Michał Misterski 🙂


This designer makes jewellery
in which original minerals
play main role.
I like it very much 😀
The fall is a time for boots,
So that is my choice 🙂
I put on boots in interesting, metallic color.
They attract many a look 🙂
Of course, I don’t have to add
that they are made of ecological leather 🙂
The whole styling is a mixture of textures
but in matching colors
and this is the basis for a good outfit 😀

The photos in beautiful Green Hotel
were made by irreplaceable
Monika Łuczak 🙂

I woke up from lethargy
in which I didn’t sleep.
I washed my body and soul.
My eyes saw
what the heart sees.
Now I didn’t want to sleep anymore.
In real world I felt joy.
And this is rebirth.
The date of my coming
is obvious.
Just as obvious as I am.
The woman from the ancient spring in the stars,
Dorota -Modorota