A bush of plants on the orange background A bush of plants on the orange background

My dear ones 🙂
That’s the bush of plants
that was blended in the orange of the dress 🙂
On warm summer days
such clothes are the most comfortable.
I love MADAME dresses so much 🙂


Many of them are made of linen.
I will be able to wear them
in fall and even in the winter 😀
Only with adequate coat or jacket 🙂
A woman in perfectly matched dress
looks wonderful 🙂
I’m reminding you that
you still have 5% off
for MADAME clothes 🙂
With MODOROTA password of course 😀
The dress makes perfect whole with accessories.
You will be able to read about them soon 😉 😀

Photos made by
Piotr Stopyra 🙂


Help in session
my friend Alla Kubitsa 🙂

To march in the day,
to march at night.
But where will you come
going blindly?
Without the azimuth of feelings
you won’t get far.
You will walk all the roads
see many countries.
But what is worth travelling alone?
Diving in love without hesitation
you will find your entity.
You will see what is hidden.
I touched your hand.
Now I feel united
in every piece of body and soul.
I will not go away.
And only with you
I will go into the unknown.
Our compass shows
one direction: