A journey
A journey
A journey

Although I’m not setting off for a journey,
I must carry my baggage with me.
I’m shuffling my feet more and more quickly
and I don’t know whether it’s good or bad.
The suitcase is getting heavier and I’m losing power.
God, give me Your energy,
let love carry me on my way.
I may not always walk the main road,
Sometimes I will stray from the path.
But with the GPS of my might I will always reach the destination.
Because I can drive and I know where I’m going.
Others may think it’s ridiculous and silly,
But I’m going on and I won’t stop.
I’m not setting off for a journey,
it takes me on its way.
I can already see the shore of my ocean.
There I will moor, I will sit on the ground
and I will say: I’m at home 🙂