Casual look
Casual look
Casual look
Casual look
Casual look

When I must move quickly past the streets,
walk on cobblestones,
I feel best dressed in casual style.
Comfort is the most important thing for me.
Comfortable and of character of course 🙂
I recommend hooded checkered shirt
made of rich, quality fabric.
The hood is detachable, but I don’t use the function 🙂
Small riveted pocket adds some charm to the shirt.
Plus jeans, white T-shirt and we have an ordinary – extraordinary styling,
which we can choose to go shopping for example.
We can’t forget a choker of course,
this time decorated with delicately sparkling gems.
Earrings, backpack and sneakers,
which you have seen on previous stylings.
Because if shoes are comfortable,
proven and I simply like them
I try to use them as often as possible.
You will feel extremely comfortable in such styling.
I strongly recommend it 🙂