Wedding styling
Wedding styling
Wedding styling
Wedding styling

Some years before I introduced
my friend Ala to my another good friend Józek.
Something positive happened between them
and eight years have just passed
since they married.
This year, on 8 September,
Ala and Józek decided
to have a church wedding 🙂
I was a bridesmaid
Ala trusted me and asked me
to stylize her for the wedding ceremony 🙂
Knowing Ala’s delicate charm and her romanticism
I chose the dress that emphasized those features.
It was in a delicate shade of the sea.
The fabric fell freely
and accentuated Ala’s slender figure 🙂
To such a girlish dress
I decided to add the wreath made of real flowers,
carnations in shades of violet and blue 🙂
The bouquet was also composed of these flowers.
The shade of violet prevailed in modest
but very beautiful jewelry,
that is earrings and a pendant with chain.
Beautiful hairstyle was made in Damyan Salon in Poznań.
And the shoes… you could write a poem about them 🙂
Made of transparent material
with not very high, comfortable heels.
Very beautiful flowers with multiple petals
which caught the sunbeams
complimented their charm 🙂
Thanks to the transparency of the shoes
you could see the perfect pedicure
made by Mrs Katarzyna Mokrzycka from
Studio Estetyki Paznokcia in Poznań.
Mrs Kasia was also the author of the manicure 🙂
Ala absolutely wanted to have a purse
made of natural leather.
I couldn’t convince her against it.
So I chose an ecru purse with a chain
decorated with pearls.
The make up was made by Mrs Ania Witulska – @Metamorfoza 🙂
The bride looked just wonderful <3 🙂
The wreath and the color of the dress
added much charm to Ala’s look 🙂
Józek couldn’t accept my tips as to his outfit
but in that matter Magda Kaźmierczak helped very much.
She works in one of the boutiques
selling men’s clothes in Posnania Mall in Poznań.
The wedding was a great success.
All the guests were very happy 🙂
I’m greeting you, Ala and Józek :* 🙂

The photos were taken by Joanna and Krzysztof Rozmiarek 🙂